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Health & Safety Policy

Every Yoga teacher working with Yoga I Bawb is subject to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety 1992. This guideline is an advisory note for tutors and staff and sets out the basic responsibility tutors have to Yoga i Bawb and students.

2.0 INDEX:
1.0 Purpose
2.0 Index
3.0 Yoga I Bawb Policy
4.0 Contractual Obligations
5.0 Adult Education/Community/Sports Centres/etc.

3.0 Yoga I Bawb Policy:
It is the policy of Yoga I Bawb, so far as is reasonably practicable, to make all its teachers aware of their responsibilities regarding the running of Yoga Classes.

By law all employers have a duty to make their employees aware of the Health and Safety regulations pertaining to their place of employment. Even if you are a contractor rather than an employee, the prime responsibility is with the owner/landlord of the premises but safety is everyone's responsibility.
The Yoga I Bawb trustee group is responsible for establishing and setting out the organisational structure for health and safety. Any accidents that occur in classes taken by a Yoga I Bawb teacher must be reported to Yoga I Bawb. An accident report form should be available through the appropriate channels such as the administration/safety officer of the premises (LEA, Sports Centre, which the class is taking place in. If there is an accident in your class and you have any doubts regarding the reporting procedure please contact the Yoga I Bawb co-ordinator. The Yoga I Bawb project co-ordinator will advise teachers on Health and Safety development and maintain relevant accident statistics and liaise with external agencies having an input on health and safety as it affects teachers.

4.0 Contractual Obligations:

4.1 As a tutor you need to familiarise yourself with the Health & Safety precautions for the premises and all safe working practices in class activities. In many LEA centres you are only insured through your BWY teaching membership. As a tutor you have a responsibility to make sure that students are advised on suitable dress, to work on a stable, non-slip surface. Where equipment/apparatus/furniture is used for modifying postures, you have a responsibility to make sure it is suitable for the purpose, is stable and in good repair. The tutor also has a responsibility for reporting to both the Yoga I Bawb Project Coordinator and the LEA/Centre Head/Manager any broken or damaged fittings which may affect safe working practices.

4.2 Yoga I Bawb has a duty to advise and assist all Yoga Teachers to carry out a safety audit on the premises and facilities where they teach.
5.0 Adult Education / Community / Sports Centres etc.

When using Adult Education / Community / Sports Centres / etc, there may be specific information the tutors need that is relevant to the venue, but all tutors should make themselves aware of the regulations concerning the following areas:

• Parking Regulations
• Fire exits/Fire practices drills : ~ alarms and assembly points
• All the relevant safety rules and arrangements appertaining to the premises and to any statutory regulations.
• Report unsafe conditions or activities to the appropriate person responsible for safety
• Make proper use of any necessary safety measures, equipment, etc
• Do not interfere of misuse anything that is provided in the interest of health and safety
• Be aware of anyone whose personal or medical conditions may affect safe working.
• Ensure safety information is available
• Ensure you are aware of safety measures, appropriate to their areas of responsibility.
• Be aware of the location of the nearest emergency phones
• Be aware of the system of reporting accidents and the location of the accident report log
• Be aware of the name(s) and location of any qualified First Aider(s) on the premises.
(All BWY teachers hold a valid first aid certificate)

Note, all yoga I bawb teachers are accredited by the Governing Body of yoga, the British Wheel of Yoga through which they receive insurance and are also bound by their health and safety requirements. All teachers should therefore refer to the British Wheel of yoga operational procedure ED18 covering British Wheel of Yoga accredited students.

Teachers should also refer to the BWY operational policy ED19 specifically looking at safety and exercise with reference to yoga. A copy of this, along with the Yoga I Bawb health and safety policy document is given to all teachers in their introductory information to Yoga I Bawb.

Adopted September 07


Review date…………………..


Yoga I Bawb aims to fulfil its obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 to the fullest extent. The Project Co-ordinator, has been allocated responsibility for compliance with the Data Protection Act.
In order to operate efficiently, Yoga I Bawb has to collect and use information about people with whom it works. This may include members of the public, current, past and prospective employees, clients and customers and suppliers. This personal information must be handled and dealt with securely, however it is collected, recorded and used, and whether on paper, in computer records or recorded by any other means, and there are safeguards within the Act to ensure this.
Yoga I Bawb regards the lawful and secure treatment of personal information as very important to its successful operations and to maintaining confidence between the organisation and those with whom it carries out business.
Personal information applies to both manual and computerised personal data held in a relevant filing system. This information must be accurate and up-dated as necessary and workers, employees, volunteers, job applicants and ex-employees have the right to see records kept about them.
Information held on individuals will only be held as long as it is necessary and the organisation will not hold any information that is unnecessary.
Data will only be disclosed when legally required to do so or if explicit consent is given by the person on whom the data is held
No data regarding customers or clients will be released
Yoga I Bawb will identify the relevant filing systems that will be covered by the provisions of the Data Protection Act
Employees will be informed if they are to be subject to surveillance and monitoring – such monitoring and surveillance will always be proportionate
Absence records will be kept separate from sickness and accident reports
Unauthorised access to personal data (manual or computerised) will not be permitted
Employees must treat all data as confidential as required to do so in their Terms and Conditions of Employment
Access to Employee Data

Employees are allowed to have access to all personal data about them held under the Data Protection Act 1998. This Act requires Yoga I Bawb to respond to requests for access to personal data within 40 days.
The Data Protection Act 1998 gives individuals the right to have access to their personal data at reasonable intervals. Employees should read this information carefully and inform the project co-ordinator at the earliest opportunity if they believe that any of their personal data are inaccurate or untrue, or if they are dissatisfied with the information in any way.
In the event of a disagreement between an employee and Yoga I Bawb regarding personal data, the matter should be taken up under the company's formal Grievance Procedure.
Employees have a right to know the information's source and how it will be used, including whether it will go to third parties, such as a payroll bureau.
Information will only be used for the purpose for which it was gathered.
All manual files storing employee and client data will be kept in a secure and locked cabinet at all times.
The procedure which applies to computerised data will also apply to manual files.
Computer Security
Yoga I Bawb regards the integrity of its computer system as central to the success of the organisation. Its policy is to take any measures it considers necessary to ensure that all aspects of the system are fully protected.
Laptop computers should not be left unattended and should be stored out of sight in a secure and locked cabinet.
Databases should not be stored on disks, keydrives or other such mobile data storage devices.
Overall computer security is the responsibility of the project co-ordinator. Teachers and employees are responsible for security within their own scope of responsibility.
On induction employees will be given copies of the computer security policy and will receive instructions on security procedures.
Computer training at every level will emphasise the importance of security.
Information held on record should not be used for a different purpose from the one it was gathered for.
All incoming emails may be monitored and scanned for viruses before being released to the recipient.
Employees with access to personal data must bear in mind at all times the provisions of the Data Protection Act and must not disclose any data to unauthorised persons.
Passwords must be used at all times and changed regularly. Employees should not select obvious passwords. All passwords must be kept confidential. Employees must not give their passwords to other members of staff or to any person outside the organisation.
The safekeeping of CDs and DVDs sent from external sources is the responsibility of the person to whom it was sent. CDs and DVDs generated internally must be kept in a secure place.
Misuse of Yoga I Bawb computers during work hours is a serious disciplinary offence.
This list is not exhaustive. Depending on the circumstances of each case, misuse of the computer system may be considered gross misconduct.
Management, in consultation with specialist auditors, may institute confidential control techniques and safeguards.
All breaches of computer security must be referred to the project co-ordinator. Where a criminal offence may have been committed the project co-ordinator will consult with the Trustees on whether to involve the police.

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Environmental Policy

Yoga I Bawb recognises that as an employer and service provider, it has the capability to both control and influence impacts on the environment.
Yoga I Bawb will continually strive to minimise the impact of its activities on the environment wherever possible.
Yoga I Bawb will aim to promote environmental awareness amongst its staff, volunteers, clients and partner organisations with whom it works.
Yoga I Bawb will aim to provide a safe and healthy working environment for its staff and volunteers and will ensure that it's Health and Safety policy pays regard to environmental issues.

Yoga I Bawb will therefore aim to: -
• Abide by all relevant environmental legislation.
• Act responsibly with regards to the consumption of water and energy.
• Encourage walking, cycling, car sharing and the use of public transport by staff, volunteers and clients accessing our services as an alternative to each individual using a private car.
• Re-use or recycle materials, where possible.
• Reduce the use of non-renewable resources, where possible.
• Minimise the amount of waste generated.
• Use the least environmentally damaging products.
• Bear in mind the environmental implications of any future projects undertaken by the organisation.

To ensure that this policy is adhered to as fully as possible, Yoga I Bawb will:
• Monitor the compliance with this policy and rectify any breaches.
• Review the policy periodically to take into account changes in environmental legislation or in Yoga I Bawb's activities. The policy will be reviewed every two years.

Date of next review…………….…

Equal Opportunities Policy

1. Statement of Intent

1.1 Yoga I Bawb (YiB) is fully committed to the principles of the equality of opportunity. It is responsible for ensuring that no job applicant, employee, member or volunteer receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of age, colour, race, disability, ethnic origin, gender, parental or marital status, nationality, religious belief, social status or sexual preference than any other.
1.2 YiB will ensure that there is open access for all those who wish to participate in the practice of yoga and that they are treated fairly.
1.3 This equity policy is endorsed by the YiB group of trustees.

2. Purpose of the equity policy

2.1 YiB recognises that inequalities still exist in society and also in the Sport and Leisure sector which may limit opportunities to participate equally and fully in the practice of yoga at all levels.
2.2 YiB promotes inclusion and will take steps to prevent discrimination or other unfair treatment of its employees, members, volunteers or participants.

3. Types of discrimination

3.1. Discrimination can take the following forms:
Direct discrimination – this means treating someone less favourable than you would treat others for reasons relating to their personal circumstances such as gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief and any other unacceptable reason.

3.2. Indirect discrimination – this occurs when a requirement or condition is applied equally to all, and has a disproportionate and detrimental effect on a significant number of people from a particular group and cannot be justified.

3.3. Decisions made by YiB about an individual will be consistent with relevant legislation and necessary to the key competencies of the work involved.

4. Harassment

Harassment is any form of unwanted or unwelcome behaviour that violates people's dignity or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.
4.1 YiB is committed to ensuring that its employees, members, volunteers and teachers are able to conduct their activities in an environment that is free from harassment or intimidation.

4.2 YiB regards any form of discrimination and harassment as described above as gross misconduct and any employee, member or volunteer of YiB who discriminates against or harasses any other person will be liable to appropriate disciplinary action.

5. Victimisation

5.1 This occurs when someone is treated less favourably than others for using an organisation's complaints procedure, exercising their legal rights, or for supporting colleagues who have done so. YiB will fully support and protect anyone who exercises their legal rights and/or supports anyone who has done so.

6 Implementation

6.1 The YiB committee of trustees will ensure that the existence of this policy will be communicated and understood by all staff, members, volunteers and participants and a copy will be available to all teaching staff, members and volunteers.

6.2 All employees, members and volunteers have responsibilities to respect, act in accordance with and thereby support and promote the spirit and intentions of this policy.

6.3 YiB will take measures to ensure that its employment practices are non-discriminatory.

6.4 No job applicant will be placed at a disadvantage by requirements or conditions which are not necessary to the performance of the job or which constitute unfair discrimination.

6.5 Where possible equality and diversity training will be provided for all staff, volunteers and where possible for teaching members to support implementation.

6.6 The chair of the committee of trustees has overall responsibility for the implementation of the Equal Opportunities Policy.

7 Positive Action

7.1 YiB will take positive action to address any under representation in its membership, representative bodies, workforce or those wishing to participate in the practice of yoga.

8 Monitoring and Evaluation
8.1 YiB will set up monitoring systems and evaluate the police, practices, procedures, operations and recruitment/selection of staff and volunteers on an ongoing basis and will inform employees, volunteers and members of their impact.

[subhead:Code of ethical practices
For Yoga I Bawb (YiB) teachers]

This code of ethical practice defines good practice for YiB teachers by reflecting on the core values of rights, relationships and responsibilities.

• To promote and respect the rights, dignity and worth of every human being

• To develop a professional relationship with students based on openness, honesty, mutual trust and respect.

Personal Responsibilities
• To demonstrate proper personal behaviour and conduct at all times
• To be fair, honest and considerate to all students

Professional standards
• To retain a high level of competence through qualifications and a commitment to ongoing training that ensures safe and correct practice.

Teachers should comply with the principles of good, ethical practice as listed below:

• Respect the right, dignity and worth of every person and treat everyone equally within the context of yoga

• Place the wellbeing and safety of the student above the development of the practice. They should follow all guidelines laid down by The British Wheel of Yoga and hold appropriate insurance cover.

• Develop an appropriate working relationship with students (especially children and young people), based on mutual trust and respect. Teachers must not exert influence to obtain personal benefit or reward.

• Encourage and guide students to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and practice.

• Hold up to date and nationally recognised Governing Body teaching qualifications.

• Ensure the activities they direct or advocate are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of the individual.

• Clarify with students at the outset (and where appropriate with their parents) exactly what is expected of them and what they are entitled to expect from the teacher.

• Co-operate fully with other specialists (e.g. other teachers, doctors, etc.) in the best interests of the student.

• Always promote the positive aspects of yoga (e.g. non-competitiveness) and never condone rule violations such as bullying.

• Consistently display high standards of behaviour and appearance.

Adopted March 2007



Review Date………………

Volunteer and Staff Development Policy


Yoga I Bawb works with groups of people or organisations to offer yoga in the community. This includes using yoga as a way to help build self-esteem and confidence, to help manage stress and anxiety, as a group based activity for social contact and helping people find ways to self care. Yoga I Bawb has worked with people with mental health problems, carers as part of a carers group, women suffering from domestic abuse, adults recovering from addiction, children in school (including special needs children), pre-school special needs children, the elderly and senior citizens attending day centres. Our teachers have also worked with people with chronic illness such as ME and MS, people recovering from surgery and cancer, and the Palliative Care Unit.

In line with this vision Yoga I Bawb seeks to involve staff and volunteers to:
• Ensure our services meet the needs of those they are aimed at
• Provide new perspectives
• Increase our contact with the community we serve
• Provide volunteers and staff with a supportive framework in which they can work

Our Commitment

Our aim for volunteers is that:
• You are offered choices for how to get involved and how much time you give
• Your gift of time, skills, and experience is carefully matched to a YIB need.
• You are free to stop volunteering and can say 'no' at any time
• Yoga I Bawb aims to provide opportunities which will benefit the volunteer as well as the organisation they support
• Yoga I Bawb does not aim to introduce volunteers to replace paid staff and expects that staff at all levels will work positively with volunteers

Our aim for both staff and volunteers is that:
• You are provided with appropriate training and encouraged to learn and develop within your role
• You work with an organisation which is seeking to be diverse and inclusive
• Staff and volunteers are consulted and there are opportunities to feedback and share their skills and experience.
• Your work is valued, acknowledged, and well supported
• You know to whom you are accountable and who to contact if there are problems

In return YIB asks you to:
• Take an interest in your role and the organisations wider work
• Maintain good relations with other volunteers and staff
• Take part in recommended training and meetings
• Uphold relevant policies and practices, including those on volunteering, health and safety, equal opportunities and child protection
• Respect decisions taken by other members of staff and trustees
• Act as an ambassador for YIB and respect the need for confidentiality where necessary
• If you feel unhappy or concerned about any issue in relation with your work with YIB that you speak about your concerns to the designated trustee

Practice Guidelines

The following guidelines deal with practical aspects of the involvement of volunteers.

All prospective volunteers will be interviewed to find out what they would like to do, their skills, suitability, and how best their potential may be realised

All prospective staff will be interviewed by a minimum of two people (trustees and/or staff) according to criteria laid out in the personal specification of the job description.

A Gift Relationship
Our staff / volunteer partnership is one of mutual support and benefit. Our staff provide the framework, organisation, and forward planning; volunteers offer skills and experience, time and support needed to enable YIB to function on a daily basis

All volunteers will have their travel and out of pocket expenses reimbursed, providing that evidence of expenditure is supported by receipts.

Induction and Training
All volunteers will receive an induction into YIB. Training will be provided as appropriate. If, as a volunteer, you feel that you require any additional training you can discuss the matter with the coordinator and YIB will do its best to fulfil your requirements

The Volunteers Voice
Volunteers are encouraged to express their views about matters concerning YIB and its work

Health and Safety
Volunteers are covered by YIB's Health and Safety Policy, a copy of which is available in your introductory documents

Equal Opportunities
Yoga I Bawb operates an equity policy in respect of paid staff and volunteers, a copy is available in your introductory documents. Volunteers will be expected to have an understanding of and commitment to our equity policy.

Problem Solving
We aim to identify and solve problems at the earliest possible stage
Volunteers and staff will be bound by a confidentiality statement which you will be asked to sign

Adopted ……………………
Chair ……………………….
Date of next review………………

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