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First Aid for Backs: Legs on Chair Pose

29th Jul, 2017        

When you first notice a twinge or discomfort in your lower back, or you are having some pain down the back of the legs, you can relieve the pain by lying on the floor with your legs on a chair for about 10 minutes.

Place the chair so the lower legs are supported comfortably on the seat and the thighs are slightly slanted. Then lie down on the floor with a cushion under the head and relax for 5 -10 minutes. To move out of the pose it is important not to undo the good work. So, exhale as you bring the knees over the chest and roll over carefully to get up from hands and knees, keeping the back relaxed. The pose can be repeated whenever necessary.

(Lesley Wheatley teaches a yoga class in Aberystwtyth with an emphasis on back care - see the Classes page)