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Child's pose to calm the mind and body

8th Jun, 2017        

If you feel stressed, over-worked and that there's too much going on, yoga poses can help relieve the tension and stress. Child's pose (balasana) can be very calming, and because the head rests on the floor or chair, it feels more soothing for the busy brain. All you have to do in this posture is breathe.

To begin, kneel on the floor and either fold your upper body over your bent legs. Depending on how flexible you are, you may rest your head on the floor, or on a small pile of books, or fists.
Alternatively, you can fold your upper body forward, cross your arms and rest your head and arms on the seat of a chair.

There are plenty of modifications to suit all types. If you want more space for your upper body move the knees apart and keep the toes touching if possible. If you’re fully resting on your thighs,you can have your arms stretched forwards in front of you on the floor, or lying along side your folded legs. If you have a tendency to have a curved upper back, having the arms in front and moving the knees wide will provide a better shape for your spine.

Stay in child’s pose for anything from 3 breaths to 3 minutes, depending on how long you need. Notice that your breathing may change, and notice what happens to your busy mind. Don’t try to control what the breath and mind are doing, just observe. This is a quietening, restorative pose, so take your time coming up, and don’t rush to your next task, take it more slowly and consciously.